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Private Lessons

Our private (Functional Synthesis®) sessions are one-on-one movement lessons. The practitioner skillfully customizes the sessions to the individual needs and requirements of the client. The sessions are applicable for all ages, abilities and conditions and last from 35 - 45 minutes per session. As of June 15, these are again available, and a Covid-19 Safety plan (please feel free to request) is in place. When weather permits I work outside, either at your home or an agreed upon location. When you book, I will contact you with specific instructions and discuss what will work for you. 

Due to Covid-19 I am also booking Virtual Sessions. These private sessions are run through Zoom, and have been exceptionally successful. This is an opportunity to bring the 9 Essentials (for positive brain change) into your everyday life. They are available for all ages and last 25-30 minutes.  Please contact me for more details.

For the best results, we recommend booking an intensive series of 6-10 lessons within a one week period. When booking an intensive series, ensure a minimum 1.5 hrs between sessions. Please contact me directly if you want to book an intensive.

Group Transformational Movement Lessons

"TML's" are verbally guided movement lessons. In these mat-based classes students are verbally guided through gentle, pain-free movements. These group lessons focus on helping brain function, leading to transformational outcomes in the areas of increased flexibility, strength, pain relief, acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing ones, cognitive improvement and clarity, vitality and well being.

In light of Covid-19 all community centre classes are cancelled until further notice. I will be offering online classes for adults, seniors and children. Please see the class schedule to find a Zoom class that suits you!  
"Tanya is incredibly talented at what she does and seems to have a natural and gentle ability to connect with her client's needs. I first began ABM session with Tanya back in June of 2017 when I had to take an unexpected leave from work. I did long sessions, short sessions, intensives or every few days and no matter what type of appointment I always left feeling calmer and more in my body. My anxiety was quite bad at the time I began my ABM sessions and I regularly struggled to leave the house. My appointments with Tanya were often the one thing that I felt able to do outside of my home. Though my symptoms are no longer as extreme as before, I still continue to participate in Tanya's group classes and an occasional private session as I feel it helps me to ground and reset. I would highly recommend ABM, especially, but not exclusively, for people who are seeking a more gentle form of healing."
~ TH