Introduction to Spinefulness with Eve Johnson

January 27, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Please email Eve to hold your spot.

Spinefulness - improve posture and back pain.

We’ve all seen sitting postures like the woman in the bubble above – and most of us have sat that way. It’s our cultural norm, and it wreaks havoc on our bodies.

Spinefulness is a revolutionary understanding of posture based on careful study of populations without back pain. It teaches us the most efficient, most relaxed, way to live in a human body.

Come for this 90-minute introductory class, and:

  • Experience a new, life-changing, pain-free way to sit.
  • Take home clear and specific guidelines.
  • Receive an individual hands-on assessment.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, no special clothes required. Avoid wearing jeans. If you can sit down in a chair and stand up again, you can do this class.

Learn more about Spinefulness with Eve Johnson.