Mbombo ~ African Healing Rhythms Series for Women this Winter

February 2, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Akiba means Thank You. This workshop is about the experience and the expression of Gratitude. We dance our gratitude in order to generate the feelings of gratitude from within, and to broadcast this particular inner state of being out to the Universe.

We will also practice letting go of the list of stuff we have been conditioned to want so we can approach life from a place of Trust and Authenticity, and with more Grace and Creative Energy.

By imprinting Gratitude in our current experience of life, we are holding the intention to attract experiences that will match this high vibrational energy. And we use African dance to go beyond our mental intention and into the actual physical expression of gratitude, so that we deliver this new message powerfully to the universe!

Traditional cultures have used dance to deliver their prayers to their spiritual source for centuries, because of the level of connection to the unseen world this practice opens us to, and because it’s a way to come into alignment with higher energetic frequencies. Now it’s your turn to experience the incredible healing power of African dance!

You will feel

  • Heard and Received
  • Grounded and Connected
  • Inspired and more Present
  • Incredible Joy and more Energy
  • And more…

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Cost: $79 cash at the door

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* Advance registration: $59 per person until midnight on Jan 26
* Sign up 3 sisters: only $49 per person