The Singing Soul: Improvisational A Capella with David Hatfield Fall 2019 Series

November 5, 2019 @ 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm
David Hatfield

What is The Singing Soul?

A Swingin’ Swayin’ Funk Bump Afro Gospel Sacred Soulful Blues Chant Jam Feelin’ Hi Mash-up!!
Times: Tuesdays Sept 8-Nov 26, 7:15 – 9:45 pm
Venue: Prodigy Movement Centre (formerly Yoga on 7th), 156 E 7th Ave, Vancouver


The Singing Soul is the experience of unrehearsed, spontaneous singing, collaborative creativity and the creation of community through improvised vocal music. It is for people who are ready to let go of “getting it right” and embrace letting it just happen. This utterly experiential program is a powerful experience of being alive and present. We’ll explore the skill set of the improviser: deep listening, working with change, following and trusting intuition spontaneity, fluid awareness of self and others. We’ll also strengthen our abilities as musical architects: constructing melodies, harmony, vocal percussion, bass lines. There are no wrong notes and there’s nothing to memorize – just breathe and sing.

“A cappella improvisation with David Hatfield takes you to unforeseen destinations of hilarity, weirdness, extraordinary harmony, and transcendence. This gifted facilitator can coax music out of your very pores. A cappella improvisation is a metaphor for life, creating harmony and rhythm out of whatever comes your way.”
~ J. Tissandier, Canmore, Alberta

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Instructor – David Hatfield – M.A., M.Ed.
David is a lover of vocal music and has led The Singing Soul nationally and internationally since 1997. He is also a leadership consultant and facilitator specializing in communication, conflict, masculinity and rites of passage. He holds an M.A. in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies, an M.Ed. in Social Ecology and an Associate degree in Jazz Studies.